Sunday, February 22, 2009

It has only been a couple months since we last updated the blog (I know...we need to do better) but these last two months have been CRAZY!!! The last time that we posted we were on our way to Sacramento, CA. This is still true but our exact location is Elk Grove, CA which is just south of Sacramento. We couldn't be happier in our new ward and stake. We have made a lot of new friends and were warmly welcomed upon arriving here. In fact, we have met so many people that we feel like we have been in the ward for much longer than a month and a half. Both Tim and Anna are on the Activities Committee for the ward and Anna teaches the 14 year old Sunday School class. The Bishopric promises that Tim will be getting another calling soon so we will keep you posted.
Tim is really excited about the company that he is working for and feels like he made the right choice. He just got back from St Louis, MO where he did a new hire orientation for 5 days. He liked all of the stuff that he learned but is definitely glad to be back. He really missed Anna and Abram. Tim is trying to keep busy at work but the job he is working on is close to completion and not in a good way. The school district is cutting the job off so the McCarthy people are just trying to get through to the end.
Abram is learning more and more everyday and continually amazes his parents. He talks all the time (even though we don't understand him) and is very curious. He loves to explore everything in the house and likes to give lots of hugs to his mommy and daddy. He definitely missed Tim last week and was driving Anna a little crazy by Friday but we made it through and for that we are thankful.

Anna is enjoying life here in Elk Grove and is excited about the new friends she has met so far. Having friends definitely makes life a lot easier and more fun!

Now to the exciting news!!!
As of the last post Anna was pregnant and we have now discovered that she is having twins!!! We actually discovered this a few weeks ago so the intitial shock is over and has been replaced by pure excitement. We also found out that we will be having two girls and won't find out if they are identical until after they are born, but either way I am sure they will look alike. We are sooooo excited to be welcoming these two baby girls into our family and can't wait for them to arrive!

Time has been going by VERY slowly for Anna and she hopes that things will go a little faster in the next few months. At her last appointment the doctor told her that she is measuring at 26 weeks! The only problem with that is she is only 18 weeks pregnant! She is sure that by the time she has these babies she will be the equivilant of 60 weeks pregnant!! She is crossing her fingers that this won't happen.
The other exciting news is that we just got a puppy on Friday. Her name is Matilda and she is an American Staffy mix. We think she has labrador and border collie in her but we aren't sure. So far she is doing really well with Abram and we are trying to teach her not to jump on him and lick him. She sees Abram as one of her litter mates.


Miss Lil said...

Looks like Tim loves that puppy!

Stephanie said...

TWINS! WoW, that's awesome! I may be a bit biased, but twin girls is the way to go. My mom said that me and my twin sister were her easiest babies. We were always happy because we entertained each other. Congratulations! (written by Julie Denney's sister)