Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As usual it has been a very long time since the last post. A lot has happened since the last post, which if you know us you already know what happened. But just for kicks and giggles here is a quick recap.

Tim got laid off from McCarthy Building Companies in February and we moved up to Billings, MT to live with my parents. I started working at a pizza company here and Tim has been the stay-at-home daddy ever since. Tim had an interview last week up in Kalispell, MT so we might be making another change in the near future.
In the months since my last post the girls turned 1. Here are some pictures of their birthday cakes.

Mollie just dug in.
Before they ate the cake. Mariah is mesmerized

The front of the cakes.

I did a better job on Mollie's than on Mariah's...but, oh well.

This is how they ended up after eating their cakes. They did much better than Abram did.

These are just some cute pictures I took recently. This was the first time I had ever put any rubberbands in the girls hair and I was surprised at how cute it was.

I don't know what Mariah is doing with her lips.

Mollie is pretty cute in this one.

Mariah hardly every gives dirty looks so I think she is just tired in this picture.
I love this picture of Abram. He is the sweetest little boy.
Since we moved to Montana Abram's speech has improved 100%. He is always talking. I think that he is still a little bit behind and when he is around strangers he hardly talks so hopefully he will get over that someday. He likes to count things and LOVES the movie cars. He never liked tv before he was introduced to that movie and now that's all he wants to do. This past weekend when Tim was out of town he was a little clingy so if Tim gets this job up in Kalispell I think things will be a little rough for a while, but overall he excited to go to new places and be with new people.
Mollie and Mariah are both really big talkers. MUCH more than Abram was at their age. Mariah is walking and Mollie is just a few weeks behind her. They are still pretty small (at least compared to their brother). They still just barely weigh 20 lbs. (Abram weighed that much when he was 6 months old!). One thing that is really funny about Mollie is that she is the QUEEN of dirty looks. She is always scowling at somebody and you can tell that she is doing it on purpose. If I tell her she shouldn't be doing something she glares at me. Mariah on the other hand is just sensitive. If you scold her she just cries. Mollie is like "How dare you?" Mariah is like "That hurt my feelings!" Crazy how different they are.
Well, I am going to try to keep this updated a little bit better. Which could mean just about anything since I still had my Christmas background up! But I will do better. I will have to let everyone know if Tim gets that job in Kalispell.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food/Cooking blog url

I suppose I should give you the address to my other blog if I want you to check it out.

Enjoy! I will post my first recipe tomorrow.

Soooooo behind!!!

So I haven't posted on our blog for a very long time! In fact...I have gone through two hair colors since my last post!!! Now that's pretty bad!!

I find myself looking at the pictures I haven't posted and thinking "Man, I am sooo behind!" Then I look at my house and think, "Man, I am SOOO behind!" Then I realize that Christmas is next week and I think, "Oh my heck!!!! I am SOOO BEHIND!!" Life just seems to keep going no matter how much I get done or in most cases don't get done!

One thing I can now check off my list is posting on our blog! YAY!

Here is the latest news in the Tim Denney (there are lots of Denney's) household.

Tim is still on the same job that was supposed to be completed in May. He is definitely ready to get started on something new. Tim has also just recently completed all of his scout leadership training. Whoohoo Tim!!

I (Anna) have been sewing like CRAZY!!! I have probably spent more time at a sewing machine this last month than I have spent sleeping! Lately I have stayed up until 2 am just to get some more sewing done! I made a quilt from start to finish for our stake humanitarian project and that took a long time!! It was definitely a learning process. I am also making three quilts for the kids for Christmas (this is what I am thinking of when I say I'm behind on Christmas). I am also committing to start posting on my cooking blog. I have been taking pictures and writing down recipes for over a year now and have a lot of recipes to post!! Hopefully I will be able to keep it up.

Abram is starting to say more words now that I actually understand so that is a good thing. He had a hearing test a couple weeks ago and is doing just fine. So he went to the speech therapist and nothing is wrong and he went to the audiologist and nothing is wrong. I guess that means that just have one stubborn kid. The other day I was looking at Abram's legs and thought "Wow, his legs are so skinny!" Now you are probably wondering why I mention this. The reason is because he doesn't have chunky baby legs anymore. My little baby boy is really no longer a baby boy [sniffle, sniffle]. Now he is turning into a big boy. He has gone to the bathroom on the toilet a few times and I could probably potty train him now, but I have had much luck when it comes to me being consistent. So we will see what happens.

Mollie is my smiley long as she is being held. She likes to talk and she has gotten pretty good at putting her pacifier in her mouth. She hates being on her stomach and still spits up a lot (I wonder when that will go away). Mollie has been trying really hard to get into a sitting position when she is laying down so I figure she will have rock hard abs soon. : ) She has yet to start rolling over. Really Mollie just loves to cuddle and lay her head on your chest and for now I am definitely okay with that.

Mariah is very talkative. Its kind of funny because sometimes she yells at me when I'm getting on her nerves. I think its pretty cute but I'm sure I won't think that forever. Mariah is more sensitive that Mollie and she gets her feelings hurt pretty easily. Mariah has started rolling over now and and think she will be crawling pretty soon. She is always on her stomach. I have noticed that Mariah has flirty eyes and she knows how to use 'em!! : )

Well, that is probably enough for now so here are some pictures.

This is the birthday cake that I made for Abram this year.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Grocery Store Adventure

When I was pregnant I would walk to the store with Abram quite a bit, but since the girls were born I haven't been at all. That is until last week. I decided to go to the store because we didn't have any milk and hadn't had any for a couple days so we went on our adventure. Of course it took forever to get everybody ready and happy enough to last for at least an hour and then when I got outside the tire on the stroller was flat!!! I could have just given up but we NEEDED milk and I had already put Abram and Mariah in the stroller and Mollie was in my carrier so WE WERE GOING!! So... we went with a flat tire. Of course when we got to the grocery store I needed a few more things and when I got to the checkout stand I had to stuff groceries in all sorts of places. The cashier didn't think it would work, but it did. You know why? Its because I'm Super Mom! j/k. But I decided to document with a few pictures. So, here they are.

Abram was eating a donut.
Mariah was VERY angry and wanted to be held and fed.
Somehow Mollie found some food to spit-up all over me even though she hadn't eat in a couple hours.
This is Mollie in her bundle.
Me...after a long, hot walk with three babies and a cashier that had little faith in my abilities.

Abram and Mariah in their stroller.

Abram's Dance

Abram loves to dance so I decided to get a video of him. This is pretty funny.

Friday, July 24, 2009

So I have done a terrible job of keeping you posted. The babies are here and have been for a little over a month!!! Time flies by quickly! They were born on July 19th via c-section at 4:45 and 4:47 am. Mariah Diane was first and weighed in at 6 lb 5 oz. Mollie Elizabeth was second and weighed in at 6 lb. 1 oz. I am VERY glad they weren't born too much later than they were because I can't imagine carrying any more baby weight than I already was!!! Good news is that I lost 28 pounds when they were born!!! Woohoo!! My water broke at 1:55 am on the 19th so I went into the hospital and everything went super quickly from there. I actually went started feeling contractions as soon as my water broke which is a change from when I was pregnant with Abram so I guess it takes two babies before my body will start doing what its supposed to. The contractions were 2 minutes apart so I imagine if I would have been allowed I would have gone pretty quickly without the c-section. But I am thankful to have had a c-section because the thought of pushing is too scary! : ) are some pictures of the babies for the last month. Hopefully I can do all of them on one post. I've never tried to put so many on before. Enjoy!
This is the longest post in the history of posts so be patient you will get to the end soon. : )

Mariah in her cute flower headband that Heather gave us.
Mariah in the sweater Grandma Nehring made.
Mollie wearing one of the booties Grandma Nehring made.
Mollie in the other cute headband Heather gave us.
Mollie in the other sweater Grandma Nehring made.
Mariah holding her own bottle.
Abram and his big blue eyes.

Mollie coming home from the hospital.
Daddy loves his girls.
Mariah dressed to come home from the hospital.
Mariah sleeping in the hat Grandma Nehring made.
Mollie sleeping in the hat Grandma Nehring made.
Our three kids. WOW!! When did we grow-up enough to have three kids???!!!???
Abram playing with Mariah.

I just love this picture that Grandma Denney took of Abram.

In their carseats. Mariah in the pink one, Mollie in blue.