Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Grocery Store Adventure

When I was pregnant I would walk to the store with Abram quite a bit, but since the girls were born I haven't been at all. That is until last week. I decided to go to the store because we didn't have any milk and hadn't had any for a couple days so we went on our adventure. Of course it took forever to get everybody ready and happy enough to last for at least an hour and then when I got outside the tire on the stroller was flat!!! I could have just given up but we NEEDED milk and I had already put Abram and Mariah in the stroller and Mollie was in my carrier so WE WERE GOING!! So... we went with a flat tire. Of course when we got to the grocery store I needed a few more things and when I got to the checkout stand I had to stuff groceries in all sorts of places. The cashier didn't think it would work, but it did. You know why? Its because I'm Super Mom! j/k. But I decided to document with a few pictures. So, here they are.

Abram was eating a donut.
Mariah was VERY angry and wanted to be held and fed.
Somehow Mollie found some food to spit-up all over me even though she hadn't eat in a couple hours.
This is Mollie in her bundle.
Me...after a long, hot walk with three babies and a cashier that had little faith in my abilities.

Abram and Mariah in their stroller.

Abram's Dance

Abram loves to dance so I decided to get a video of him. This is pretty funny.