Thursday, February 26, 2009

So we finally Abram a highchair! I know what your thinking. Yes he is 15 months old and he has been using a walker that grandpa Nehring got him last spring. We should have done this a long time ago but at least he has got one now. He loves his highchair and always goes over to it when he wants something to eat. This morning I decided to take some pictures of him in the highchair and when I asked him to smile he would scrunch up his face and look towards the ceiling. It was pretty funny.

Today during lunch I was in a hurry to get him his food because I lost track of time and didn't feed him until an hour after the normal time! I forgot to say prayer and he ate one piece of his quesadilla and looked at me with a confused expression. He then proceeded to fold his arms and wait. Of course, I felt bad but I felt proud that he wanted to say prayer and remembered. I guess you don't really know how much your kids are learning until something like this happens. This experience makes me want to be the best example ever. I'm glad he seems to be learning from the good things instead of all the mistakes.

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