Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is a very busy time for the Denney family. We are getting ready to move to Sacramento, CA on the 15th and we have officially decided...again...that we HATE moving! We don't even have a place to live yet. Hopefully that will change by Friday. We have already packed up all of our stuff so we are living on the bare minimum for the next few days and have already been for a few days, but it seems to be working out okay so far. Anna is thankful for all the help she has recieved from the Relief Society sisters with cleaning!!!! It has been getting done soo fast. And with morning, afternoon, and evening sickness she doesn't think she would be able to get it all done on her own. By the way...I'm pregnant! Tim will be flying down to Sacramento early monday morning and Anna will be driving up to Billings with her family. Tim will then be joining Anna and Abram in Billings on the 18th. We are very thankful that Tim doesn't have to be at work until the 30th of December.

We have neglected to put up the pictures from Abram's birthday and will now repent. Abram didn't really like being messy for the first birthday cake but for the second cake he was okay with the frosting being all over his hands. He first celebrated his birthday with his grandma Nehring the Saturday before his birthday and then he celebrated again the Friday after his birthday. Due to traveling on his actual birthday we weren't able to celebrate it on the right day. Oh well...I guess there is always next year. He enjoyed opening his first present, but once he saw it was a fun toy he no longer wanted to tear the paper off of any other presents. We kind of forced him to anyway though. And when he got to the clothes he threw them all on the floor one at a time. More fun for mom than baby. : )
Now for the most exciting thing of all going on in our life right now. It is the reason for all of this craziness! Tim is graduating on Friday!!!!! He is definitely ready to be done and is very excited to be moving on with life. We are thankful that we will have family here with us to celebrate with us.

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Miss Lil said...

Hey! These pictures are over two months old! Time for some more bloggin, don't ya think?