Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well...its been a while

We have been negligent on blog updates, but we will try to do better in the future.

Some exciting news in our life is that Tim got a job to in Sacramento, CA with the company he interned for this summer. We are a little nervous because of all the protests at the temples. We know that we are supposed to go to California so now all we have left to do is pray for strength...and go there of course! Tim is definitely ready to be done with school and is having a hard time staying motivated. Only three more weeks of school!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!
Anna is trying to keep busy with some projects and taking care of Abram. She is painting a "secret project" for Christmas and is also sewing some stuff for Christmas. It is nice to keep busy and she is definitely enjoying the satisfaction of being creative.

Abram is definitely going to need a helmet soon if he doesn't stop falling and hitting his head! : ) He is learning how to walk and is very determined. He keeps going no matter how many times he falls. We don't know if we would be that brave. Abram has started to fake laugh and it is soooo(!!!!) funny! Of course when we laugh he does it even more! We love it.
This has been a sick week for the Denney family. Both Tim and Anna have been feeling under the weather and Abram has been feeling pretty sad and clingy this week. Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon.
This is Abram and Anna with their new haircuts and Anna's new color. This was actually taken about a month and a half ago.

Abram was Sully for Halloween. Don't let the picture fool you. He really hated his costume.

Abram definitely thinks that he looks cool.

Abram really likes bath time. In this picture he is trying to figure out what the bubbles are and why they are stuck to his hands. : )

This picture was taken when Tim was coming into the room. Abram got really excited and tried to climb out of the tub.

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Aaron, Julie and Joseph said...

It's great to get an update from your family. We just got over some sicknesses, so we can understand how that is. Get better soon! We look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!