Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everyday life

Well, it has been a while since this blog has been updated. We have really got to get better at this.

Anna has had a pretty busy summer with traveling but things have calmed down now. First she went to Billings, MT for a couple weeks when her brother Seth came home from his mission and then she went to Granby, MO for a week for a family reunion. And all of this traveling with Abram. He did well overall but we can tell that he is happier now that he is home. Now Anna is just trying to finish some projects she has wanted to get done. Anna is considering starting up a cooking blog so keep your eyes open for that. He love and passion for cooking is growing more everyday.

Tim is really liking his job, but it is turning out to have more drama than he ever would have expected. He is continuing to learn more and more everyday he works and is also continuing to get more responsibility. His "boss" is out on vacation for the week so he gets to do the job of two project engineers for a while.

Abram has grown by leaps and bounds in the last month. He is now able to stand up in his crib so that makes sleeping time much more interesting. Everytime Tim or Anna puts him in his crib he cries for a couple minutes and then he stands up to bounce on the matress and play. At first he wasn't sure how to sit down, but has now mastered that. He is also a full fledged crawler. Anna has found herself on her toes every second of the day. Abram likes to follow Anna around the house and try to stand up by using her pants for support. Abram has also started climbing up the stairs and he can also cruise around the furniture. We don't know when exactly he will start walking but it can't be too far off.

Below is a picture of Abram doing is favorite thing which is standing in front of Anna on the couch using her legs for support and a picture of the berry trifle Anna made a few weeks ago. This will probably go onto Anna's cooking blog when she creates it. If anyone has any ideas for a name for the blog just let us know.

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