Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Soooooo behind!!!

So I haven't posted on our blog for a very long time! In fact...I have gone through two hair colors since my last post!!! Now that's pretty bad!!

I find myself looking at the pictures I haven't posted and thinking "Man, I am sooo behind!" Then I look at my house and think, "Man, I am SOOO behind!" Then I realize that Christmas is next week and I think, "Oh my heck!!!! I am SOOO BEHIND!!" Life just seems to keep going no matter how much I get done or in most cases don't get done!

One thing I can now check off my list is posting on our blog! YAY!

Here is the latest news in the Tim Denney (there are lots of Denney's) household.

Tim is still on the same job that was supposed to be completed in May. He is definitely ready to get started on something new. Tim has also just recently completed all of his scout leadership training. Whoohoo Tim!!

I (Anna) have been sewing like CRAZY!!! I have probably spent more time at a sewing machine this last month than I have spent sleeping! Lately I have stayed up until 2 am just to get some more sewing done! I made a quilt from start to finish for our stake humanitarian project and that took a long time!! It was definitely a learning process. I am also making three quilts for the kids for Christmas (this is what I am thinking of when I say I'm behind on Christmas). I am also committing to start posting on my cooking blog. I have been taking pictures and writing down recipes for over a year now and have a lot of recipes to post!! Hopefully I will be able to keep it up.

Abram is starting to say more words now that I actually understand so that is a good thing. He had a hearing test a couple weeks ago and is doing just fine. So he went to the speech therapist and nothing is wrong and he went to the audiologist and nothing is wrong. I guess that means that just have one stubborn kid. The other day I was looking at Abram's legs and thought "Wow, his legs are so skinny!" Now you are probably wondering why I mention this. The reason is because he doesn't have chunky baby legs anymore. My little baby boy is really no longer a baby boy [sniffle, sniffle]. Now he is turning into a big boy. He has gone to the bathroom on the toilet a few times and I could probably potty train him now, but I have had much luck when it comes to me being consistent. So we will see what happens.

Mollie is my smiley long as she is being held. She likes to talk and she has gotten pretty good at putting her pacifier in her mouth. She hates being on her stomach and still spits up a lot (I wonder when that will go away). Mollie has been trying really hard to get into a sitting position when she is laying down so I figure she will have rock hard abs soon. : ) She has yet to start rolling over. Really Mollie just loves to cuddle and lay her head on your chest and for now I am definitely okay with that.

Mariah is very talkative. Its kind of funny because sometimes she yells at me when I'm getting on her nerves. I think its pretty cute but I'm sure I won't think that forever. Mariah is more sensitive that Mollie and she gets her feelings hurt pretty easily. Mariah has started rolling over now and and think she will be crawling pretty soon. She is always on her stomach. I have noticed that Mariah has flirty eyes and she knows how to use 'em!! : )

Well, that is probably enough for now so here are some pictures.

This is the birthday cake that I made for Abram this year.


Juli said...

They're getting so big!! I feel like I don't see them often enough! And little Abram is growing up so fast! He's going to be in school in no time! :0) What cute kids you have!

Kimberly said...

WOW you are like super mom-sewing and cooking and taking care of three really cute kids. I need to learn from you! I am lucky if we even have something normal for dinner, let alone taking pictures! You are amazing!

Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

That video is hilarious. I love how he dances to your singing. He's so cute! Your girls are so super big! It goes so fast. Thanks for sharing pictures. We love it!