Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Grocery Store Adventure

When I was pregnant I would walk to the store with Abram quite a bit, but since the girls were born I haven't been at all. That is until last week. I decided to go to the store because we didn't have any milk and hadn't had any for a couple days so we went on our adventure. Of course it took forever to get everybody ready and happy enough to last for at least an hour and then when I got outside the tire on the stroller was flat!!! I could have just given up but we NEEDED milk and I had already put Abram and Mariah in the stroller and Mollie was in my carrier so WE WERE GOING!! So... we went with a flat tire. Of course when we got to the grocery store I needed a few more things and when I got to the checkout stand I had to stuff groceries in all sorts of places. The cashier didn't think it would work, but it did. You know why? Its because I'm Super Mom! j/k. But I decided to document with a few pictures. So, here they are.

Abram was eating a donut.
Mariah was VERY angry and wanted to be held and fed.
Somehow Mollie found some food to spit-up all over me even though she hadn't eat in a couple hours.
This is Mollie in her bundle.
Me...after a long, hot walk with three babies and a cashier that had little faith in my abilities.

Abram and Mariah in their stroller.


Aaron, Julie, Joseph and Emery said...

You are super mom! Way to go!!

Miss Lil said...

So much fun! Can't wait to see and hold and pinch and squeeze them!

Ashley Wray said...

Way to go Anna! Your little girls are darling. I think you are super mom for making the outing. Hope everything is going well and you are getting the 3 kid thing down. You look great!

Kimberly said...

You are amazing. I am scared to venture out with one child so I admire your courage and your abilities to make it there and back in one piece! You have the cutest little family!

Lindeyjepson said...

you are super mom! this was too funny!