Monday, March 9, 2009

Last week was a fun and busy week! We had our friends David and Anna Sibbett come visit us from Wyoming! Their little girl Jamie is soo cute! And she is so light!!! Of course I am comparing her to our hefty 25 pound boy! She only weighed 13 pounds and I felt like I could hold her all the time!!! The sad thing is that even though I took our camera with us everywhere I didn't take one picture! What was I thinking?!?!?! We went to see Old Sacramento which was pretty cool and we went to the zoo. I had to be pushed around in a wheel chair at the zoo because it is hard for me to walk for very long so it was kind of weird. I think that the parents enjoyed the zoo more than the babies! : ) Abram was very upset most of the time and I am sure it was because we made him sit in his stroller when all he wanted to do was run around. I think we will have to make another trip to the zoo when he is a little older. On Saturday we went to San Francisco and walked around a lot!! I wouldn't have been able to do it if I had walked around the zoo. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! The skies were never that clear when we lived there! There wasn't even one spot of was amazing!
Because we had guests come over last week I decided to plan the whole weeks menus to make myself more organized and it was the best thing ever! I typed out the the meal, shopping list, and prep work needed for each meal and I saved over a 100 dollars on groceries! That and I went to WinCo instead! I will never go back to my old ways! We expected to spend more last week with the extra mouths to feed but that was not the case! I will keep you posted on this weeks savings!!! Tim told me a couple weeks ago that I needed to cut back on the grocery bill and I was feeling like it would be impossible but after last weeks experience I just want to see how low I can get the bill. Luckily we don't have sales tax on groceries because that would add a lot. Our sales tax is 7.75% and I think they will be raising it!! CRAZY!!!!
I have just entered an apron swap with a tea party theme and I am so excited! Through out the swaps duration there will be givaways and this weeks giveaway is a tea cup apron.

Isn't this a cute apron? Who knows...maybe I will be the winner. This apron was created by Jan Carrell and her Web site is . She has a lot of cute aprons that she custom makes and she also makes tea cozies. She is also planning to add Burp Cloths, Baby Bibs, Pony Tail Holders, Sippee Cups, Baby Bloomers, Kitchen Towels, and Tote Bags. I am excited to keep visiting her Web site and see what's new. You should check it out.
Now to my latest creations. These are definitely not sell worthy, but I think they are pretty good.

I have made this particular apron pattern a few times and I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I have learned a lot doing this pattern and now know the quickest way to complete these. I am not knowedgable enough to create my own patterns so for now I will be using other people's patterns. I don't really like how this apron hangs on my pregnant body but I figured it would look better on me than on Tim and we were the only ones around to try them on. Tim made me suck my tummy in the for the side shot photos and as you can see it didn't help much. Maybe someday I will have one of those mannequins like Jan Carrell has.
I have started two other aprons from this pattern in different fabric but I haven't finished them enough to take a picture. I also made one for Bethany when she got married and I don't have any pictures of that one either. Making 5 aprons from the same pattern is definitely enough so the next aprons you see will be very different and maybe I will be learning some new skills too!


kate the great said...

I love the names you picked out for your girls, especially Mollie! so cute. We totally do the menu planning also and I love it because it saves money and time and I never have to wonder what to make for dinner. It is great!

Lindeyjepson said...

your aprons are totally cute! I have a sewing machine and I should start trying to make some stuff!

Miss Lil said...

Cute aprons! I love your story about the budget shopper! That's pretty great! Did you know our Stake has a RS blog? I'm in charge of the postings for May, so I might use that idea!!! It's a good one!

Miss Lil said...

P.S. the blog is